What We Offer


Splashzone Marine Ltd makes a point of trying to employ the very best for the positions required, whether that be Seaman Apprentice or Skipper. A great deal of effort has gone into social employment or offering a helping hand up over the years.

Splashzone Marine will work with the apprentice, decky or skipper, with further training, tickets and achieving their goals.

Henry …… Made it from Seaman apprentice to Skipper in 5 years, loves going fishing with thoughts of the hunter gatherer and the challenge of the unknown every day from what the sea is going to be like to how the catch will go on any given day. The feeling is general amongst the Skippers and crews, they like going to sea, there is a new expectation every day, different challenges to doing the same thing every day, harvesting the sea.

Richard likes to work with his Captains and crews to try and build and keep harmonious crews.

Training also includes themselves, both Richard and Jean have done a Leadership New Zealand course to help expand their self- knowledge and confidence, to help find ways to expand their business, to expand a network and take their place as industry leaders.


Industry Politics

Richard has always been a good networker, realising early in his career the importance of good relationships.

It was quite a natural step for him to move into fishing industry politics. He is a participating member of the New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen for over 20 years. NZFCF was set up to help represent commercial fishermen at the national level and has progressively grown to become the owner operators national body.

The importance of good relationships and networking has shown itself time and again for example the joint venture with Gisborne Fisheries, obtaining quota and building a company.

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