Previously Splashzone leased rig and shark quota from Gisborne Fisheries, until the two companies decided to team up together to form a 50/50 partnership and fish crayfish and wetfish from the “Pearler” boat together as East Coast Fishing Ltd in Gisborne in 2009.

Salve Zame is the General Manager of Gisborne Fisheries, which had its beginnings with his Grandfather Bartolo in a fish shop/café in 1928 ending up a café, retail and wholesale fish supply business becoming Gisborne Fisheries Ltd in 1936.

Using Tarakihi as their base fish, Gisborne Fisheries has grown through the various boom and bust cycles of the fishing industry.  The companies emphasis on quality, vertical integration (catch to retail), good business practices and an emphasis on an excellent team (some who have been with the company many years), have proven to be the success of the company.

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