Splashzone Marine is a thriving fishing export business based in the heart of New Zealand. Read more…


Splashzone fish for approx. 35 tonne of crayfish every year. 4 tonne of quota owned, 31 tonne leased from Gisborne fisheries and private quota owners.

Most of the New Zealand crayfish catch goes to China, prices peeking around the times of Chinese celebrations, holidays, festivals.


Richard and Jean began in the fishing industry by purchasing and diving for paua quota.

These days three crew work off Flat Point from the Boat ‘Waterways’, in September, October, November and December, diving for 12 tonne of Paua, which are all measured and delivered to Combined Products for processing and export.


Wet fishing, netting, and long lining, was another diversification Richard took on to keep the boats and crews going year round, instead of being seasonal.

Splashzone initially targeted the Moki and Warehou, although they have enough quota of most other salable species that come up on the line or in the net.

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