Splashzone II

SplashzoneII is  a 8.2m aluminium Stevens Cat. She has 2 x 250hp Yamaha outboards.

She is surveyed for Fishing, Passenger, Non-Passenger work

The Splashzone II catches Crayfish, Paua, and Wetfish off the coast of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Mike Griffith

Mike Griffith


20 years ago Richard suggested to Mike at the age of 30 that he might like a career change. Since then Mike and Richard have been working together. 5 years ago, Mike got his skippers ticket and has been running the boat ever since, RRA both crayfishing and wetfishing from Splashzone II off Flat Point.

Mike along with other Cray crews has successfully negotiated the torturous Flat Point Road, made treacherous with the advent of the rampant logging truck, for the past 20 years and has enjoyed working with the family oriented company and their emphasis on good crew relationships.

Paul Rowson

Paul Rowson

1st Mate

Paul began fishing from his home port of Ngawi at the age of 14 and by 16 had moved to the big trawlers.

Paul ended up in Golden Bay Mussel farming with his partner Susie being yard boss. From Golden Bay to the Mussel farms of South Australia where they were recruited into a similar situation.

From there to the Prawn boats and Spanner crabbing in Queensland before family brought them back to the Wairarapa.

Just for a change Paul did some agricultural contracting before signing up with ‘Splashzone’ in February 2014.

He is happy to be back at sea, working with a good crew and a smaller family company.

Tim Griffith

Tim Griffith


When asked what Tim wanted to do with his life he replied “I would like to run a charter boat”.  Still on the water but with a different angle, Tim is currently Seaman Trainee and decky aboard ‘Splashzone II’

Tim used to do school skills training with his Uncle Mike aboard ‘Splashzone’ and also helped out with the Paua diving aboard ‘Waterways’, joining up with ‘Splashzone’ after leaving school.

SplashzoneII Photo

SplashzoneII Photo

Ready to go to work

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