Our Story

Splashzone is a fishing, crayfishing, diving, passenger, cargo and work boats company based in Masterton, New Zealand. Owned by husband and wife team Richard and Jean Kibblewhite.  The company currently has 3 boats operating off the North Island of New Zealand and a 4th boat in partnership with Gisborne Fisheries Ltd.

Richard and Jean started Splashzone after a 4 year stint in Broome working on the pearling boats, Richard diving and Jean in Pearl operations.

Richard and Jean purchased and leased some crayfish quota, and began fishing out of Flat Point with Mike Griffith as crew.   Richard had always admired the way both Richard Verrant and Ray Ocallahan had wet fished from their small boats off Whangaehu beach in the Southern Hawkes Bay.

Their first wet fishing was Butter fish, with a kindly lent licence from David Paton, a couple of nets, a bit of advice.

Splashzone is looking to the future and as apart of its business strategy, all four boats will be capable of catching fish and cray fishing along with varied commercial work.

Richard Kibblewhite

Richard Kibblewhite

Skipper and Owner

Skipper and owner Richard Kibblewhite enjoys his stint behind the wheel for a few months of the year, when he gets to become skipper and head out crayfishing at Whangaehu. It is a welcome relief from the day to day business stresses of the business, and a complete change of mind set when you have to be thinking only of tractor and boat, best launching spot, best spot for the pots, dodging the inshore swell, and hunting the crustacean.

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Jean Kibblewhite

Jean Kibblewhite


Jean is a partner of the business is and is involved with office support for the expanding Splashzone business.

We have been involved together for over 30 years, we plan and discuss all major decisions in our business together. “There have been good times, hard times and everything in between.”

But together we thrive on and thoroughly enjoy our company.

The crew, clients, other fishers all mix up for a great life!

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